How can you protect a child during the war?

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I am Ukrainian and I want to shelter a child in Ukraine

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We are a foreign organization that wants to shelter children abroad

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Citizens of Ukraine

The adoption of children has been suspended during martial law. You may only temporarily shelter a child with your family


Application in the chatbot

You can apply through the Telegram chatbot «Child is not alone». Experts from the Children's Affairs Service will contact you to determine how to proceed. Application processing time is up to 5 days.

Important! In order to provide temporary shelter for a child without parental care during the war, a family or person must meet several criteria. You can check compliance with the requirements here. In addition, you will be offered the opportunity to undertake online training on placement, adaptation and care of a child.


Visit from an employee of the children's affairs service

An employee from the Children's Affairs Service will visit your home, inspect the living conditions and draw up a relevant report. They will also talk to the child to obtain his/her consent to the placement.


Preparation of documents

You will need to prepare a package of necessary documents:

consent form for the temporary placement of a child within your family;

copy of your passport;

inspection report on living conditions;

written consent of all family members over 18 who live with you and will live with the child in the same living space;

written consent of the child (if he/she can express his/her opinion).


Getting an answer


The Children's Affairs Service will issue an order on placement of the child within your family. The applicant may receive the results in person or via a legal representative, by mail to the address listed in the application form or by e-mail.


A refusal can be appealed in court. For more information about this and deadlines for filing a claim please visit the relevant section of the Diia Website.


Meeting the child

The meeting with the child takes place in the presence of a representative from the Children's Affairs Service. Transportation of the child to the family or the person who is providing shelter is arranged by the Children's Affairs Service in the child's location.



Be aware that a child placed in your family may have experienced psychological trauma and may need help.

A child may not be taken abroad without the permission of the military administration in the child's place of residence.

The Children's Affairs Service can visit your home at any time to check the living conditions of a child.

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Foreign organizations

During martial law in Ukraine, foreign organizations may temporarily shelter children without parental care


Application in the chatbot

You can apply through the Telegram chatbot «Child is not alone». Experts from the Children's Affairs Service will contact you to determine how to proceed. Application processing time is up to 5 days.


Letter from the National Social Service

A foreign organization should receive a letter from the National Social Service of Ukraine with information on the procedure for taking in Ukrainian children and a list of documents to be sent to the National Social Service.


Preparation of documents

A foreign organization must prepare an invitation on its official letterhead addressed to the National Social Service or a specific local authority or children's institution from which the organization wishes to invite children for temporary shelter. The invitation should include:

name, legal status, address of the location of the organization that will receive and accompany the child during their stay;

country and address of potential location of children;

number and categories of children (orphans that are brought up in foster families or by caregivers; children brought up in boarding schools; children with disabilities brought up in boarding schools; mothers with children, including those with disabilities), which you can accept accompanied by legal representatives for a temporary stay;

living conditions of children (place of residence, food, medical insurance, rehabilitation options, etc.);

The foreign organization must also provide a letter of recommendation from the country's authority (state or local government), which confirms the organization's ability to ensure the shelter of children in accordance with the above requirements. A recommendation letter is not required if the inviting entity is a public or local authority.



The National Social Service of Ukraine checks the received documents. In cases of compliance, they are then sent to regional military administrations that have groups of children in need of evacuation. The regional military administration considers the offer, contacts the relevant foreign organization and jointly develops the logistics of transporting children, as well as clarifying the conditions for temporary shelter of children in the proposed area (institution).


Transportation of children

The issue of transporting children is solved in different ways. As a rule, the Ukrainian side provides transportation for children or families with children to the border, and the host provides it in the territory of the host country. The host party must indicate in the invitation the conditions of transportation for children, or these conditions can be agreed during the negotiation process.